What is æquosub?

Aequosub is a recently created french brand dedicated to divers wear. Our commitment is to offer to our customers products that meet their technical expectative of safety and comfort as it stand to lower production impact on environment.
Nowadays, clothes, diving equipment is plenty of chemical material, and most of us don't know this. Divers are at the first place to see the damage of consumerism on environment. We have to be at the point of the movement that try to find solutions to the plastic contamination in the oceans. How can we keep crying for our oceans as we are feeding the petrochemical industry?
At æquosub, we are an positive answer to this dilemma.
Our offer is to seek around the world the best solutions and develop products that try to reduce our impact on environment. We want to reset to the basics.



The story of æquosub is at beginning, the interest in providing to our customer products that insure safety and comfort to enjoy diving. The wetsuits that we are developping are stretch and easy to put in as to put off. We consider that it's also important to be comfortable out of water as in. That's why we offer casuals clothes made in Europe to wear at any moments.



We have to change the way we're looking to our wastes. Why wastes should not be the future of raw material? At æquosub we bet on recycled fibers to make our products but not only. We have decided that our customers would be able to send us back our products to allow them to have a second life. What we do at used clothes reception? We check the quality of the returned item, if it's corresponding to our requirement we will sell it on with our ex-æquo program. If not, we will use the fiber to produce a new product.



Our goal is to offer you the best experience, enjoying and sharing with our fascinating underwater world.

Our Products

Our products are casual outdoor clothes, adapted to nautical and sailing. Our main topics are inspired from underwater environment, famous diving spots, and iconic people that dedicated their own life to preserve the oceans.
Our wetsuits range are made from alternatives to neoprene made from petrochimical.

Sealife first

These products are made with fiber from plastic bottles from the ocean.

Iconic Series

Our warmer thanks to iconic people who have dedicated their life to marine life.

The "ex-æquo" concept by æquosub

Part of the problem of consumerism is coming from our needed in producing goods from virgin material. We are in a linear production set, we use new fibers to make new clothes. That way of producing would work if we were wearing the same clothes for all our life and if the global population wouldn't grow. But sadly, the time we keep our clothes is reducing more and more. At the same time biggest companies have reduced the quality of their products to reach the lowest price and this at big environmental costs.

Our position at æquosub is that it's not to customers to support the damage of fashion on environment. That's why we have decided to extend waranty up to 5 years to all our products and to offer to our customer to return their used clothes if they want to change it.

We want to show that a new way exists where producing good clothes can either be rentable and care the environment.